More November Nine(TM) Love On ESPN

One of the worst things that ever hit our ears was when Tommy Lee, during an episode of Cribs, thanked Starbucks for hooking him up with some "coffee love" when they installed a bean machine in his basement.

The only thing that really has ever sounded worse than that are those horrible Carl’s Jr commercials with people loudly eating their disgusting hamburgers. So many letters/emails were written to Carl’s Jr’s ad agency about our hatred of the campaign, we’re surprised a restraining order wasn’t filed.

Anyway, along with the words "plethora," "synergy," and "philanthropy," anything "love" was officially banned from the vocabulary of the Entities.

However, we’re brain-dead today and getting a little bit lazy. So with the November NineTM just days away, here’s some more love for’s coverage of the happenings:

  • Hey, it’s the first Wicked Chops article on [link]
  • Listen to the Poker Edge: Predictions and analysis Friday and find out how to enter in and win a free 30 minute poker lesson from Phil Gordon. Also listen to all the N9TM interviews. [link]
  • We don’t believe in philanthropy but Dennis Phillips does (we’re covering the event as a TOKE tomorrow too). [link]
  • Most think Scott Montgomery is a maniac. He would agree. [link]
  • If you have a lot of time on your hands… [link]
  • Great video interview of a surprisingly interesting and candid Ivan Demidov. [link]

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  1. Kid Dynamite

    November 7, 2008 6:24 am, Reply

    so Chops, you think that’s funny? Rickrollin’ me like that ? that’s how you treat your loyal readers? i feel more betrayed than i did after last night’s Smashing Pumkins concert where Billy Corgan ended the show with a 30 minute “song” of noise that sounds like the kind of shit you play if you want to haze a pledge during fraternity initiation.
    so this morning, i see that you have a link to a Demidov interview, and i sit down to watch it with my bowl of cereal, and BOOM… imagine my disappointment…

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