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The unfortunately named Peter Dicks appeared at a hearing today in New York where he was served with an arrest warrant for alleged violations of Louisiana State laws in connection with "gambling by computer," a felony punishable by up to five years year in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Authorities grabbed Dicks at JFK airport in NYC earlier this week after it was discovered that Dicks, the 64-year-old Chairman of popular wagering site SportingBet, which owns Paradise Poker, had an outstanding warrant issued for him by Louisiana authorities.

Dicks spent last night in jail, and Dicks was released late today on $50,000 bail. Dicks also had to surrender his British passport and must slum it out in New York City at some of the world’s best restaurants, nightclubs and hotels while he awaits his Sept. 14 extradition hearing.

According to, Peter Nieman, the lawyer for Dicks, said his client, Dicks, will "contest extradition to Louisiana."

No offense to Louisiana, but we’d try to stay away from there too if we were Dicks (which some people think we are) considering he’d being facing trial in St. Landry Parish, where the D.A., Earl Taylor, looks like he eats guys like Dicks for breakfast.

This is all terrible news though for Dicks and Sportingbet. Word has it that U.S. wagering accounts for about two-thirds of SportingBet’s profits, and no doubt American account holders must be concerned about a BETonSPORTS-like shut down.

Across the pond, the arrest of Dicks sent London markets crashing, as even gambling darling and stock stalwart PartyGaming dived 10%.

Dicks, by the way, is a non-executive Chair of Sportingbet, which means he doesn’t deal with day-to-day business unless it involves a day out on the links, which is known in America as "golf," similar to how they call “gamblers” “punters” and "soccer" "football" and "football" "American Football" and "fries" "chips." Dicks joined Sportingbet in 2000 and is also the Chairman of Private Equity Investor and director of various UK and US companies including Polar Technology Trust and Standard Microsystems (NASDAQ).

A spokesman for the Louisiana state police said Dicks had been “picked up by US Customs for charges that our gaming enforcement division was doing as part of an investigation on Other warrants have been issued for other members of the corporation.”
He declined to name names, but many believe other board members, including chief executive Nigel Payne and founder and executive director Mark Blandford, could face arrest if they travel to the US.

For more on this story, check out comprehensive coverage at Up for Poker and ESPN. Also watch FOWCP Andrew Feldman discussing this topic on ESPN’s Outside the Lines this Sunday morning at 9:30am. And for more on American and British language translations, visit here.


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