More On the New WPT Hostess Sabina Gadecki

Sabina GadeckiYesterday when we introduced you to Sabina Gadecki, the new World Poker Tour hostess for season 5, we told you about how she was turned down for a part in Mean Girls because, as she explained, “I looked too innocent.”

Well, if innocent means looking like you’re 12, which we’re pretty sure it does, she’s right.

The screen capture you see to the right, as well as the ones after the jump, are from a short film called Pillow Fighters Go!, which “starred” in back in 2003, a year after being crowned Miss Polonii ≈öwiata 2002 and Miss Polonia World 2002.

The film was a production for Stone Street, an acting workshop Gadecki apparently attended, and doing the math, we’re guessing Gadecki, who appears to be a cross between Shana Hiatt and a small child in the film, was 19 at the time.

After the jump are a couple more screen captures, and you can view the entire short film here. Gadecki first appears about 5 minutes in, or in Quicktime parlance, slide the ball about “——-” far. When you see a girl who looks like a cross between Shana Hiatt and a small child, that’s her.

Sgadecki2Sabina Gadecki


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