Mr. Kah-tair

Kotter3 The final table of Event #28 ($5,000 Limit Hold’em) will surprise some people, as one of the chip leaders is none other than Gabe Kaplan (or Mr. Kotter, to you). 

Gabe finds himself with the third largest stack after: 1) check-raising Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington all-in after hitting a boat on 5th street, 2) coming over the top on Arnold Horshack so many times that poor Arnie went on tilt and pushed his remaining chips in the pot with a 7-2o, 3) slowplaying Aces on the button to Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein (who was the big blind) and taking all of his chips after Epstein flopped top pair, and 4) enduring a Hellmuthian-rant from Vincent "Vinnie" Barborino (I believe it went something like, "Up your nose with a muthaf*&^in rubber hose!") after catching a gut-shot straight on the turn. 

Ok, so maybe the Sweat Hogs didn’t play this event.  Lots of formidable pros did, and that includes Gabe Kaplan.  Mr. Kotter is a very respected "celebrity" player (and the best one of the lot, in our opinion).  He’s got nine WSOP cashes and a 3rd place finish on the World Poker Tour.  We’d take him heads-up over Spidey, Jennifer Tilly, Bennifer (I or II), or any one of the kids from That 70’s Show

The chip count going into final table play today (kicking up at 3pm Vegas time) stands at: 1) James Kwon – 227,000, 2) Dan Schmiech – 219,000, 3) Gabe Kaplan – 209,000,
4) Joe Sebok – 184,000, 5) Annie Duke – 150,000, 6) Young Phan – 144,000, 7) Luke Neely – 94,000, 8) Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller – 89,000, and 9) Jeff Shulman – 38,000.


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  1. Horshack

    June 29, 2005 3:00 pm, Reply

    I ovah herd Vinnie’ Barbarino cry out “I’m so confused” when he was playin’ Omaha Hi-Lo 8’s or bettah.

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