Mycock is Out at the EPT Scandy Open

Keeping you up-to-the-minute (give or take an hour or two) on Mycock’s status at the EPT Scandy Open, the PokerStars Blog guys are reporting that Mycock fell out in 16th place. Looks like Mycock got into a huge pot with Magnus Petersson that left Mycock “shrivelled,” as the PokerStarsblog guy’s put it (because we’re not the only ones with a sixth grade sense of humor). For his work, Mycock cashes 96,768 Danish kroner, which we understand is more than Mycock has ever earned for a few days work.

WCP fave TJ Cloutier, by the way, was outlasted by Mycock, but not by much. He finished in 20th place.

For the final 12 remaining at the EPT Scandy Open in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the average chick is hotter than Jessica Simpson, check out the PokerStars Blog.


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