Naked Thursday, a Case of the Ugly and the Right to Play Crack

So Naked Wednesday at the WCP compound rolled into Naked Thursday and will likely last through the weekend if all goes as planned and our stamina holds out. That likely means we’ll be slim on content from here on out.

For those who’ve noticed that Wicked Chops Poker has had a bad case of the ugly lately (just scroll down) we’re very much aware of it. Find a temporary cure here, here, here but not here.

For now, we suggest checking out Andrew Leonard‘s excellent wrap-up piece at on the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Internet gambling. Read it here. By the way, did fun cop Tom McClusky really call online gambling “the crack cocaine of the Internet?” Damn, if that’s true we’re scared to know what is.

Finally and most importantly, check out the below video of our new hero Congressman Steve Cohen schooling McClusky and others on the absurdity of their views. You can watch all of the testimony from all of the witnesses yesterday including Annie Duke‘s on the PPA’s YouTube page. You can also fold a towel elephant. Your choice.


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