Nam Vs. Machine

Lost in all of the news we haven’t reported the past few weeks is the on-going battle for Card Player’s POY award (not to be confused with our Player Power Index in BLUFF) between Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi and "Viet"Nam Le.*

Grinder_1_2Nam_leAfter winning the WPT Winter Poker Open in February, Grinder pretty much held the point lead the entire year. However, Nam won a WPT title as well, and has 19 other cashes (totaling $2M in earnings), including a third place finish in the Five-Diamond Classic taking place at the Bellagio right now. Seriously. Right this second it’s going on.

The Grinder, who has been on the record stating he is a machine, something we take very literally around here, stands to bank some serious $$$ if he holds on to the POY point lead, according to Hopefully he can use that money to further advance his man/machine parts so when the humans fight robots for control of the world one hundred years from now, The Grinder will be ready to save us all.

We’ll possibly keep you posted.

* Neither Mizrachi or Le appear in the current WCP Player Poker Index.


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