NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship: Who Is the Best Around?

Quick "in-depth" analysis: Down to eight, our gut says the winner of the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship will come from the winner of the Andy Bloch vs. Gavin Smith match-up. Or Nam Le. Bad for poker if it’s Nam Le. Awesome player; not a huge name nationally though. Good for poker if it’s Gavin, he’s arguably the marquee name left. Really bad for poker if it’s Shannon Elizabeth. Poker will get ZERO respect as a sport if she wins it, regardless of how well she’s playing.

To get our Elite 8 pumped, we present possibly the greatest song ever used in a movie montage. Here’s a little Joe Esposito and "You’re the Best (Around)" from the Karate Kid. Put ’em in a body bag, guys.


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