NBC10 in Philadelphia Has Different Sources than We Do

Vicente Perez charged with the killing of poker player Arthur PrinceReading up on some of the news reports about the poker-related stabbing death of Arthur Prince outside the Taj poker room in Atlantic City on Saturday, we noticed that NBC10 in Philadelphia is contradicting what we’ve heard from several sources, saying that it was Vicente Perez (at right, with black eye) who got up from the table to get more cash and returned to see the 61-year-old Prince in his seat.

As we posted earlier today, we’ve been hearing that it was Prince who left the table to go to the ATM, only to return to see Perez in his seat.

The NBC10 reporter then goes on to say that their sources claim Prince grabbed a cane from an older man standing nearby, and not from Perez, as others, including us, had reported. Looking at photos of Perez walking around the crime scene on Saturday and in court today, we tend to believe that NBC10 has it right here, as it doesn’t look like Perez uses a cane. We’ll wait to see though as more details come out.

To add to all of this, a new poster over at 2p2 named DaCatMe was allegedly at the table when the argument broke out and had the following account to share (Prince is the “black guy” in his post):

“I was sitting accross the table from the orig. argument. I heard the black guy say ‘hold my seat, I’ll be right back’ that of course is paraphased. The guy was gone a matter of minutes…no more than 10 and came back to sit down. By that time, his seat was occupied by the white guy.

Now I saw at least two floor people talking to the black guy…and I heard at least 1 of them offer another seat at that table. But the black guy said,(paraphased again) ‘I’ve lost a lot of money at this table and in this seat…I want my seat back…it makes no Fu*kin since that you would give my seat away, as much money as I’ve lost…other people heared me ask the dealer to save my seat. I want my Fu*kin seat back’.”

Read DaCatMe’s entire account on 2p2 here.

Check out NBC10’s story here and photos here.


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