Negreanu at Featured Table + World on Edge of Seat as Varkonyi Plays Dangerous Game with Our Civilization

Daniel Negreanu gets the spotlight at today’s featured table. Negreanu, who just cracked Aces to go over 100k, is seated with Adam Joens, who is stacked over 135k and who might as well change his first name to “Aadm” so it reads “Aadm Joens” and make all of us cross-eyed trying to mentally make it read “Adam Jones” (what an asshole this guy is).

If you don’t care who else is at the featured table, skip to the next paragraph, otherwise it’s: Ronald Brown, Peter Antill, Clayton Davis, Michael Meckus, David Stucke, Peter Damato, Magnus Berggren, John Sacha.

Elsewhere, the world sits on pins and needles, anxiously watching the rise of the apocolypse Robert Varkonyi. After an early dip into the 50k range (and a collective sigh of relief from the world), Varkonyi is now back up approaching 80k (and a collective gasp from the world). God help us all. Maybe Card Player did the 2006 WSOP proper with its WWII analogy.

And as stated, 4SP’er Vaugh Sandman is at a tough table but has worked himself up to 60k in chips.

Recent eliminations include Huck Seed and Robert Mizrachi.


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  1. Seth

    August 2, 2006 2:09 pm, Reply

    Great job by Vaughn….I hope he keeps it up.
    Would it be possible to get a Freddy Deeb update. I might be the only Freddy Deeb fan out there.

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