Negreanu Nearly Nabs WPT Win at World Poker Open

Wpt1_8_1The 2007 World Poker Open in Tunica has come to an end, and walking away with the $913,986 first place cash is some guy you don’t know (Bryan Sumner) from a city you don’t know (Smyrna, Tenn.), but let us tell you it’s a bit “country” and they make Nissans there, ironically, and that a few of us here at WCP have a very bad memory of the place but won’t share any details (except that it involved a renegade DEA agent who went by the name Squirrelly Jones, his canine “companion” Lucky and a Dodge Caravan full of pot smoking midgets on their way down to Florida, or so they said).

But that’s not the story here.

Dnvd_030107_shaveThe real story is that recently bolo-headed Daniel “I’m on a Friggin’ Roll Like You Wouldn’t Believe” Negreanu finished 2nd at the World Poker Open for his 2nd WPT final table in just over a month and his record-setting 4th consecutive WPT cash and 14th WPT cash overall. Notably, Negreanu’s $502,691 take-away at the WPO also pushes his total career tournament winnings up over the $9.5 million mark, which is about $775,000 less than Joe Hachem’s career total and a little more than $2.5 million behind Team Buzznation’s Jamie Gold. Or in prognosticator terms, Negreanu will be poker’s all-time money winner sometime in the spring of 2008, if not sooner, which is very likely considering that the tear he’s on now is reminiscent of his $4.4 million run in 2004.

Here’s how the entire final table wrapped:

1. Bryan Sumner — $913,986
2. Daniel Negreanu — $502,691
3. Young Cho — $257,058
4. Gary Kainer — $199,934
5. Thang “Kido” Pham — $171,372
6. J.C. Tran — $142,810

Read how it all went down over at the Live Update Log.

And to hear from the man himself, be sure to check out the latest and not-so-latest Daniel Negreanu VBlogs over at


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