Negreanu Re-Responds to His Response Ripping Raymer

Really, we don’t find this interesting anymore.


But it’s worth pointing out that Daniel Negreanu updated his post over at Full Contact Poker yesterday to elaborate further on the comments he made to the Las Vegas Sun, and in doing so, one could conclude that he is basically saying Raymer is the worst of the bunch when it comes to recent WSOP champs, with, paraphrasing, Hachem’s play the best, Gold similar to Hachem but still green, Moneymaker has potential but is caught up with “other things” while Raymer “has holes in his game that top players will exploit” and has “yet to … do well against tough fields.”

And while we’re pointing this out, it’s worth pointing you to new photos of Jessica Alba on the beach in a bikini, if you’re into that kind of thing, which you are, as is the guy in this photo who found it, uh, hard not to stare at Alba. For Kid Dynamite, that photo actually comes close to what you’re looking for, as does the one of Jessica after the jump.



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