Negreanu Rips Raymer’s Response, Says Its Ridiculous

J_alba_bikini_6Responding to Daniel Negreanu’s recent comments to the Las Vegas Sun, in which the all-time WPT money winner singles out Joe Hachem as an exception to the “flash-in-the-pan types” who’ve won the Main Event the last few years, Greg Raymer had this to say over at the 2+2 forum:

“If I wanted to get catty, I’d say it’s better to beat 400-800 (which I have done consistently in mixed games) than to lose at 4000-8000.”

To which Negreanu replied, over at FCP:

“The Raymer makes some ridiculous post saying, ‘It’s better to win at 400-800 than lose at 4000-8000.’ I post my results on my website in all games. I’m wnner in all forms of poker outside of online poker and the High Stakes Poker cash games on television. I am winner in the 4000-8000 game.”

Ok, this just isn’t interesting to us anymore, hence the pic above of Jessica Alba trying to catch a football on the beach, which you can see lots more of after the jump (our favorite is the first one with the audience…like watching Jessica Alba on the beach is some sort of spectator sport, which it is).



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