Neil Channing, a Ginger*, ‘Jamie Golds’ the Final Table at the 2008 Irish Poker Open

Neil Channing, a ginger, so he has no soul and may kill you in your sleep if he gets the chance, has won the 2008 Irish Poker Open in Dublin, Ireland.

Leprechaun_irish_openAfter working his way through a field of 667 players, the 40-year-old from London entered the televised final table with more than a third of the chips in play and steamrolled over his competitors in a manner reminiscent of the way Jamie Gold dominated the final table at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event.

For the win, "Bad Beat" Channing takes home €801,400. Runner-up Donal Norton, the sole Irishman at the final table, walks with €420,000.

The rest of the final table finished as follows: Thomas Dunwoodie (€275,000), Tim Blake (€220,000), Danilo Paulsen (€175,000) and Edwin Tournier (€135,000).

While we weren’t there in Dublin to cover the event as we’ve been banished from the Emerald Isle ever since the naked leprechaun tossing debacle in Kilkenny ten years ago, our pal Owen Laukannen was there and you can read his full wrap-up here.

Speaking of leprechaun tossing, for a video showing what all Canadians do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day besides freeze their asses off, go here.

Photo above of Neil Channing, a ginger, and last year’s Irish Open champ, Marty Smyth, also a ginger.

*UPDATE: There’s a good chance based on people who have played against him that Neil isn’t an actual ginger although he does show some ginger tendencies. Perhaps it was just the photos Owen took that made him look pretty ginger-y to us. Same goes with Marty, although the dude’s pretty much bald so it’s hard to tell. Regardless, being labeled a ginger is a serious matter and if we’re wrong, our apologies.


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  1. Mike May

    March 24, 2008 11:10 pm, Reply

    To be completely honest with you, when I hear that someone “Jaimi Golded” a final table, the first thing that comes to mind is not “steamrolled”.

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