NETeller Founders Arrested in the U.S., May Be Terrorists, a site that is known for breaking online gambling news like it’s their frickin’ business, because it is, is reporting that the two founders of NETeller–John LeFebvre and Steve Lawrence (both originally from America Jr.)–were arrested in Los Angeles and New York, respectively, today. What they’re charge with is unknown right now but our wild imaginations assume that it has something to do with the nuclear bomb Fayed and his men detonated tonight on the second two hours of the season premiere of “24.” Just our hunch.

According to, “Neither men have been involved with NETeller for a few years now, though it is not known if they are still receiving an “income” from the company.” is on the story like Keeley Hazell on Lloyd Miller’s pathetically flacid…well, you get the idea. They’re all over it so stay tuned there, or here, where we’ll just point you back to there.


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