Neteller’s $94 Million Payout to US Customers Starts Tomorrow

LondonrainMaldivesWell the sky never did quite fall.

Beginning tomorrow, US online gamblers who have had their Neteller accounts frozen since January of this year will be able to log in and request withdrawal of their funds.

Neteller will be sending out an email to all of its US customers but be wise and type in the URL to the Neteller site yourself because no doubt shit-ass phishers will be spamming inboxes soon, if not already.

With this news, we’ve decided to to bypass attending the World Series of Poker Europe in London and instead we’ll be spending our cold cash on that diving holiday in the Maldives we’ve been promising ourselves. Hard decision for us picking between a week of getting pissed on or sunny paradise. Too bad the current/first wives can’t join us but they have kids to take care of.

Read more about the Neteller payout news here and here.


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