(New) Bodog Posts Odds for the 2007 WSOP Europe

2007wsopeuropeEurope, which is the continent connected to Asia, becomes the epicenter of the poker world this week as the WSOP moves overseas for the first time.

While U.S. America "invented" poker, the oddsmakers don’t seem to particularly like the chances of a U.S. American besting the field.

(New) Bodog posted odds of a U.S. American born player winning the 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event at +275. Of U.S Americans in the field, Phil Ivey received the best odds of winning at 8/1. He’s followed by Phil Hellmuth (9/1) and Daniel Negreanu (10/1).

Not listed by (New) Bodog were the odds of a woman winning the Main Event, probably because such an idea is too funny for them to even fathom happening. The subject was probably broached by two oddsmakers over IM, and one of them typed:


And the other one responded with:

Might as well put odds on whether or not the Atlantic Ocean will turn into Laffy Taffy overnight or something. 😛

See the odds here and read about the odds here.


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