New Game: Name That Team Ivey Pro…Go!

And you are...?

And you are…?

Sure, we’re not as “inside” the industry we were a few years ago, but we still have a healthy grasp of who the relevant players are.

Now, as we wrote a couple of days ago, there is a lot of positives around Ivey Poker.

And while this isn’t necessarily a negative, one “knock” we have on it is we don’t know who the fuck half the roster of team pros are.

So for the duration of the 2013 WSOP Main Event, every time there’s a Team Ivey pro we don’t know, we’ll see how long it takes for one of you to identify him/her.

No cheating by the way. Going to the Ivey Poker site to scan names is not allowed. You have to honest to goodness know who this person is.

Kevmath is obviously not allowed to play.

First correct answer in the comments section gets a free pack of Skittles. Any flavor. Regular, Darkside, Sour, you name it. It’s yours.


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