New Persian Poker Strategy: The Carrot and Stick

Carrot_on_stick2As the stakes continue to rise in the game that’s all the rage in the Middle East now, even our friends across the pond (for the layman, "the pond" here means "Atlantic Ocean" and "friends" means "the Brits") are throwing their two cents into the pot.

Herald writer Alison Rowat scribes her thoughts on America’s latest big bet into Iran yesterday (giving us the new poker term, "Carrot and Stick"), comparing the U.S.’s offer to a "butterfly that flapped its wings in one continent and caused a tornado in another…"

Leave it to a woman to describe maneuvering at the high-stakes game of Persian Poker to that of a butterfly.

She continues by saying, "…America’s offer of talks with Iran could herald the start of something big."

Iranleader_mahmoud_ahmadinejad_1Typically, people trying to be a table captain (or as Rowat put it, a new "sheriff in town") like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (at left) only respond by brute force and continually coming over the top on them (particularly with F/A22’s).  At the game of Persian Poker, negotiating at the final table is rarely an option, if only because it’s hard to negotiate with a partner who is delusional, irrational, and certifiably crazy.

But you never know.  The new breed of Internet players brought a new style to the game of no limit hold’em that has had some strong results, so maybe this new "Carrot and Stick" strategy could revolutionize the way people play Persian Poker. 

Or it could lead to WWIII, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proves to be a modern day Hitler.  Like that song from Bryan Adams, we’ll all just have to "wait and see."


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  1. SUDAH

    June 2, 2006 11:23 am, Reply

    You’re treading a thin line on offending my home and our people. Please mind your words. Consider this a warning.

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