Nicky Whelan Brings You Today’s Not Just Poker Links

Like fellow Aussie Elle McPhereson, Nicky Whelan is nicknamed "the body." So having the nickname "the penis" is probably a good thing, right? View more pics here(Whelan's body, not Entity penis).

:: Patrik Antonius builds his lead in the Durrrr Challenge. [link]

:: Two words: Wii Poker. [link]

:: The Shamwow guy does chop chop on some prostitutes' face. [linkand link]

:: We all handle bad news in our own way. [link]

:: Kim Kardashian "backs" her sis Khloe by taking a shot at Annie Duke(about 2:30 in), despite Khloe showing about as much personality on Celebrity Apprentice as Kim did on DWTS. Man we watch too much reality TV. [link]

:: The 10 best slip ups in TV anchor history. And let's just say you don't accidentally say "double penetration" unless you've done double penetration. [link] <– link has been corrected.

:: And finally, who doesn't love a good flowchart? [link]


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