Nina Moric Videos Make for a Good Post

Rather than write something about all the good press the PPA got with its lobbying trip to DC we thought we’d go instead with a video of that hot Croatian chick we posted about the other day, Nina Moric. We really don’t know much about her except for the fact that she’s gorgeous and has been blessed with the same perfect backside as Elena Santarelli and Melissa Satta and that’s kinda where our minds are right now. And by kinda we mean exactly.

If Nina’s anything like the freaky Croatian models we met in Vegas awhile back, you should try to track her down. We would but the current/first wives frown on us covering hot foreign models with oil and tossing hundreds at them. No fun those wives of ours.

If you must, links to some recent PPA lobbying stories here and here but not here.

If we must, another video of Nina Moric after the jump.


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