Nine Guys Make WSOPC Lake Tahoe Final Table Because Someone Had To

Harrahslaketahoenv_1Listen, we’re not gonna say the WSOPC Lake Tahoe final table isn’t compelling. To the families and friends of the nine people who made it, well, we’re sure it’s very compelling to them. It just doesn’t seem like anyone *really* cares about this one. Afterall, Christmas, or as poker players call it, the World Series of Poker, is just a week away.

But we’re sure the families and friends of the nine final table-ists would like to know that Brian Fidler of Derby, CT is absolutely crushing the field. Fidler is stacked at 639,000. This is not only Fidler’s first final table, but it’s his first major tournament cashing as well. And by all accounts the 27-year-old hedge fund accountant is playing like some sort of poker Protege, who’s been schooled in the intricacies of no-limit hold’em by one of the today’s greatest players or something. Like say Daniel Negreanu. Now that would be compelling.

Second in chips is tourney vet Tony Le with 341,500. What the hell, we need something compelling about this final table for this write up: Le is our Wicked Chops prediction to win it all. There, we said it. It’s out there.

The rest of the final table looks something like this: 3) Clinton Baskin – 319,000, 4) Justin Scott – 204,500, 5) J.C. Tran – 197,000, 6) Joseph DuBois – 172,000, 7) RCW Cheung – 155,000, 8) Jamin Stokes – 87,500, and 9) Matthew Russell – 81,500.


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