No Flash in the Phan

Day 4 of the 2005 WSOP is done.  We have 58 players left fighting for a $7.5 million first place prize.

Timphancutout_1Once again, the chip leader is Tim Phan with 3,244,000.  Phan is wielding a big stack to clubber his opponents.  He’s got some other heavy hitters though right behind him.  Mike "the Mouth" Matusow continued his steady climb and is now second with 2,561,000.  Farzad Bonyadi is third with 2,402,000.  Right behind him is Steve Dannenmannenminamenemen (kidding, Dannenmann) with 2,143,000.  The current favorite though has to be Phil Ivey.  He’s the fifth highest stack with 2,027,000. 

Other notables include 7th: Tiffany Williamson – 1,992,000, 9th: Scott Lazar – 1,629,000, 13th: Lee Watkinson (finally making a move) – 1,221,000, 17th: Minh Ly – 1,102,000, 24th: Dustin "Never win" Woolf – 968,000, 25th: John Juanda – 841,000, 31st: Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer – 766,000, 37th Russell "The Muscle" Salzer (those massages must be working) – 710,000, and 56th: Rod Pardey Jr. – 187,000. 

Even with over 5,600 entrants, looks like there’s a good chance the final table will have some top pros filling the seats. 

Occupying the same table today when play kicks off are Farzad Bonyadi, Dustin Woolf, and Mike Matusow at table 117.  Scott Lazar and Tim Phan will be at table 119.  Salzer, Ivey, and Hung La will be at table 129.  And Lee Watkinson and Tiffany Williamson will be at table 133. 


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