No Limit, No End In Sight

The $2,000 buy-in No Limit event is into Day 3…and we still have no winner. 

This game had a number of notables in the money, include: Men the Master (131st), ‘Minneapolis’ Jim Meehan (93rd), Matt Matros (83rd), Tobey Freaking Maguire (54th, nice work Spidey), Michael "the Grinder/unabashed shiller of Nutz Chips" Mizrachi (40th), Dutch Boyd (37th), Bill Gazes (31st), Chau Giang (27th), Joe Awada (24th), Marcel Luske (21st), and Harry’ Demetrio (6th).

Still in the running are Perry Friedman, Cyndy Violette, and Erik Seidel.  Check back tomorrow A.M. to (hopefully) find out the winner of this marathon.


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