No, MINE is Bigger

First, it was the whole "which state is bigger" debate of 2nd grade. 

Then it was UT vs. USC

ReaganNow, it’s about who has the biggest nuts.

California, the state that has brought you the Goldrush, Hollywood, and the greatest American of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan, now is attempting a new claim to fame: hold’em poker.

According to Card Player, a company called California Hold’em, Inc., has created the new form of hold’em…called…um…California Hold’em.  They have signed a contract with player rep firm Poker Royalty, LLC to promote it. 

Here’s the gist: With California Hold’em, the deck has 60 cards instead of 52. The new cards are 11s and 12s and (naturally) come in between 10s and the Jacks.  The 10s and 11s are non-suited.  So, for example, if you wanted to hit a royal flush, you’d just replace what would normally be a 10 with a 12, and then have a similiarly suited Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. 

From here, the game is played out just like Texas Hold’em, from hole cards to the river.

The creators say that with more cards, the luck factor of [Texas] Hookem1hold’em will be reduced.  That seems counter-intuitive though, as with more cards, you’ll have more potential outs.

So really, all this is appears to be is an attempt by California to steal Texas’s thunder, probably since USC lost to UT. 

And if you’re looking for a more skilled game than [Texas] hold’em, one already exists.  It’s called Omaha.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Complex for the tip on this one.


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