No More Action

"Action" Dan Harrington is out of the 2005 WSOP.

HarringtonseenoevilChops happened to be standing at table 8 as Dan took his seat.  The table greeted him like a God, and one guy told him, "I spent five hours reading your book yesterday."  Dan nodded.

On the very first hand, Dan moved his remaining 15k all in from mid position.  "I wanna go home." he says.  The button peeks at his cards and starts freaking out.  "Oh my God."  He agonized about it (maybe it was tough for him to knock out an idol).  A clock was called.  "You’ll get on TV.  I guarantee."  At the end of his minute, he calls, flipping over A-Qo.  Harrington shows pocket 5’s.  The flop came A-2-4.  Harrington needed a 3 or 5 to stay alive.  But the turn and river were unkind.  And Dan quickly left.  No TV cameras were around. 

We’ve watched a lot of people moving all in with middle or low pairs (and decent enough sized stacks where an all in isn’t worth it), only to be sent to the rail.  It’s an interesting and surprising trend. 

For 4th Streeters, Vaughn has also been eliminated. 


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