No-Namer from the Netherlands Wins LAPT Rio

Poker player Julien Nuijten wins LAPT Rio, Raica Oliveira wins hottest model who dated a trannie lovin soccer playerJulien Nuijten, a 19-year-old total relative unknown from Amsterdam, Holland, has won the first event of the Latin American Poker Tour, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nuijten, who reportedly played the $2,500 buy-in poker tournament on a whim, started final table play as the chip leader and commanded his way to the title and $222,940 payday, which should be enough to buy him some sweet clogs, a field of tulips and loads of hash back home. And maybe a windmill or two. According to the PokerStars folks, Nuijten is a high-stakes poker player online and is a former Magic: The Gathering world champion, thus joining the ranks of fantasy wizard geeks turned cardtossers like David Williams, Noah Boeken, Dario Minieri, Eric "Efro" Froelich and Adam Levy.

Finishing in second for $117,750 was Russian-American Vitaly Kovyazin, who isn’t a cab driver like we had assumed earlier but we were right that he is from Brooklyn where he is a "construction manager." So we probably got the Red Mafia part correct too. Which means we’ll shut up now.

Alex Brenes, the brother of the insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes, finished fourth, earning $62,800.

The results from the final nine below:

1st — Julien Nuijten (Holland) — $223,000
2nd — Vitaly Kovyazin (United States) — $117,750
3rd — Nikolai Senniger (Germany) — $86,350
4th — Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) — $62,800
5th — Oliver Kugler (Germany) — $47,100
6th — Eduardo Henriques (Brazil) — $31,400
7th — Rafael Pardo (Colombia)  — $23,500
8th — Juan Carlos Burguillos (Venezuela) — $15,700
9th — Severin Walser (Switzerland) — $11,775

The next LAPT event is in San Jose, Costa Rica, scheduled for May 22-24.

Gratuitous Brazilian supermodel above is Raica Oliveira, who famously dated soccer star Ronaldo before he was into the whole transvestite hookers thing See lots more of Raica here.


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