No Really, Jeremiah Smith Is Killing It Right Now

Hey, isn’t that the guy from PokerWire?

Jeremiah Smith is running good. Real good.

Coming into the day with 386,000 in chips, the Full Tilt Poker-er who famously was a CardPlayer intern during the infamous “Like You Were There” days has been steamrolling over his table all day long, earning the distinction of being the first guy over the million chips mark and now seated with 1.3 million.

Amazingly he’s done all of this with Pearljammer, a soul-stealing ginger, seated to his immediate right throughout most of the day.

To give you an example of the kind of day Smith, who by the way falls under the Good for PokerTM category of players left in the Main Event, is having, just consider this hand as told by

David Peters raised under the gun and action folded to Jeremiah Smith who was still reorganizing his chip stack. Smith stopped talking rubgy with a tablemate and pushed out two tall orange stacks totaling 200,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Peters looked at his stack, then to Smith, and then said “I call,” and had his last 160,000 on the line.

Smith rolled over 9c-6c and Peters held Qh-Qs. Before any action was dealt, the table was swarmed by media and other players, even some railbirds made it into the fray.

“I’m sorry,” said Smith. Implying that a beat would be delivered. “It’s your standard race situation.”

After the camera crew cleared up the preflop action, the flop came 10c-8d-7c, and Smith flopped the straight right off, with a club redraw.

“Running so good!” yelled Greg Mueller from the edge of the crowd.

The turn brought some outs for Peters with the 10h and the crowd took a gasp. The river was the As and that was it for Peters.

Get chip counts from the end of day 3 here.


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