A Non-2014 WSOP Reading Break

We'll eventually get to looking for some Girls on the Rail...but until then, here's some non WSOP news.

We’ll eventually get to looking for some Girls on the Rail…but until then, here’s some non-WSOP news.

Now seems like a healthy time to get our heads out of the WSOP oven. Take a breather. See what else is going on in the world.

Here are some non-WSOP poker and not poker news, written in the style of every ridiculous Huffington Post, AOL, Bleacher Report, or Facebook post with the “shocking” headline that never delivers the goods. Or in other words, it’s our MOST ANNOYING POST EVER.

:: What iGaming companies should do with social gaming and media. This opinion may SHOCK YOU. [link]

:: The Cast of the Wonder Years reunioned, look the same. You will not believe it! [link]

:: Chunky Korean babies dancing is basically why the Internet was invented. WOW! LOL! [link]

:: What state do you think generates the most gaming revenue? Is Kayne West insane?! [link]

:: If gay guys talked to straight guys like straight guys talk to gay guys. EPIC. [link]

:: California India tribes unify on online poker legislation. What Section B says about YOU. [link]

:: A portrait of our favorite soccer player, Luis Suarez. YOUR MIND WILL BE BLOWN. [link]

:: 50 Cent throws a baseball worse than Kevin Spacey–funniest video EVER. [link]

:: HPT500 expands to Wildwood Casino; gears up for mega-point Quarterly events. ARE ALIENS FOR REAL? [link]

:: You can find amazing things on Google. Result #4 is our favorite. [link]


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