Norm MacDonald Might Be A Good HSP Host

The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
Norm Macdonald
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It seems like the general consensus is that the ouster of Gabe Kaplan and introduction of Norm MacDonald as host for the next season of High Stakes Poker on GSN is a bad thing.

We don’t necessarily think so.

Sure, we’re just as moderate of fans of Kaplan as the next guy. He’s an under-appreciated mainstay of the industry. As one of the first celebrities to truly embrace poker (and have success with it too), we think he’s a guy that should be in the Poker Hall of Fame.

But that doesn’t mean that moving to MacDonald as host is a bad thing, as many have implied.

For evidence we submit the above and below clips.

While we couldn’t find any of MacDonald’s legendary SNL Weekend Update O.J. jokes, we found plenty of other gems that would lead one to believe he could add some value to the HSP booth.

Above is a clip from his roasting of Bob Saget. You’ll either love it or hate it.

View his 1998 ESPYs monologue (love seeing a young Peyton Manning making an early Peyton Manning face) here.

View a SNL weekend update joke that seems like something we might’ve written for him here.

And our favorite all-time Norm SNL joke here.


4 Responses

  1. kosh

    February 8, 2011 6:34 pm, Reply

    I think they made a big mistake when they got rid of AJ Benza. He and Gabe were perfect together. Even putting in Kara Scott, a woman, did not make up for AJ’s loss.

  2. Chinaman

    February 8, 2011 6:52 pm, Reply

    Norm is hilarious. His detractors are idiots who just can’t appreciate subtle deadpan comedy. They should also all die. That is all.

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