Not Inked Yet: Sebok Strong, Smith Survives WPT LAPC Day One

Promo_propbetsTypically, when there’s nothing interesting to report at tournaments, we here at Wicked Chops Poker like to make things up.

Fortunately for us, Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith are making this LAPC Main Event very interesting.

As we detailed, before the tournament began, the two agreed on a last longer wager for their Prop Bets show on The first to be eliminated has to get the other guy’s initials tattoo’d on their butt.

Apparently, Sebok REALLY doesn’t want to get inked with Gavin’s name. Battling a bum ankle and over a 700 person field, Sebok was the first player to break 100k AND 200k in chips, as he ended Day 1 of the WPT LAPC as one of the leaders, stacked around 205k.

To Gavin’s credit, he battled off being short-stacked most of the day to finish with 31k, including an unreal call on someone’s bluff. We’re not saying there’s no quit in Gavin Smith, but there’s no quit in Gavin Smith. Ok, I guess we’re saying it.

For up-to-the-minute coverage of the LAPC, including video interviews and chip counts, head over to

UPDATE: Day Two is about to get underway and has updated chip counts just before the start. Joe Sebok will begin the day at the top of the count with $204,175 and Gavin Smith starts the afternoon with $48,275, better than previously thought and just above the average stack of 44,000 with 368 players remaining. Keep track of the action over at and here at Wicked Chops Poker, as Chops may or may not be reporting directly from the Commerce, where he’s at now, and Snake and the Addict are soon on their way to La La for the LAPC after they hug it out first with Jamie G. and their good buddy Crispin, among other things.


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