Not Just Poker News Brought To You By Singles In Sin City

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:: Not sure why every douchebag guy in Las Vegas has pomade his hair into spikes, but hey, apparently it works as they were hooking up at the Singles in Sin City party this weekend. [above vid or here]

:: Steve Wynn (owns some casino in Vegas, we forget which one) is featured on 60 Minutes tonight. Wonder if he talks about being the only major casino owner opposed to legalizing online poker? [link]

:: Interesting take by Dan Druff on why the PPA is destined to fail…unless they make his suggested changes. [link]

:: Relatedly, a recap by the numbers of how the PPA fared during National Poker Week in Washington. [link]

:: Forgot to post this during the WSOP, but this Googling with Bing should be Bing’s real commercial. [here]

:: In case you missed this from last week, a perfect encapsulation on why some think Darvin Moon is good for poker and some think he’s bad. [link]

:: Face the Ace premieres on August 1st. The players who we’ve spoken with that have participated said it’s pretty sick…should be a good watch. [link]

:: Finally, we’re working on putting together some poker travel packages now, but in the meantime, some super-cheap room rates in Vegas right now. [link]


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