Not Necessarily Just Poker News Brought to You By Chelina Manuhutu

We’re big fans of the Dutch. They gave us Gouda cheese, Santa Claus, and the Dutch Oven. They also gave us super-hot model Chelina Manuhutu. In a way, these photos are kind of like Santa Claus in that they’re the gift that keeps on giving. That really didn’t make sense. Get more pics here.

:: The first ever online poker bill introduced by the Senate. Glad there’s no economic crisis going on they should be more worried about and working on. Good for us. (link)

:: Poker Players Alliance likes what the Senate is doing. (link)

:: Farren from Daytona State College looks like a hotter, more fun, less lesbian brunette version of Lindsay Lohan. (link)

:: Reason #11,497 why U.S. America is still the greatest country in the world. VP nominees in a beauty pageant! (link)

:: It always sucks being the new guy. (link)

:: This would be your typical uppity celeb PSA except Jonah Hill just kills it. (link)

:: If they had only invented cell phones earlier we wouldn’t have had to sit through Forrest Gump. (here)

:: We didn’t realize there was such a thing as SFW porn (SFW). (link)

:: The Ultimate Bet scandal is getting some mainstream media mentions in Australia, as one of the sleuths, Michael Josem, hails from down under. (link)

:: Jessica Burciaga really must not want you to see her nipples. Of note, we’re big fans of the smoosh-your-boobs-into-another-girl’s-boobs hide-your-nipples technique. (link)

:: We knew it! MSNBC left-winger Rachel Maddow is a dude. (link)

:: And finally, this chick could rear-naked-choke us any day. (link)



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