Not Necessarily Just Poker News Brought to You By Helena Houdova

Super-model Helena Houdova (above) is holding a charity poker tournament in a couple weeks (read here). So we figured this image was appropriate, given we love poker…but charity? Not so much. Hot girl in short dress? Awesome. Puppies? Not so much.

Catching up on some poker news from over the weekend and non-poker links worth checking out:

:: Hevad Khan banks a million by winning the Caesars Palace Classic. To quote Pokerati, "That dude is the troof." [link]

:: Steve ‘MrSmokey1′ Billirakis goes wire-to-wire at the WSOP-C, banking $208,885, which is about the amount of money it would take for us to want to spend a week in Hammond, Indiana. In related news, they’re still holding WSOP-C events? [link]

:: But the biggest tournament cash of the weekend came at the EPT Budapest, where Will Fry [shrugging shoulders] banked €595,839. [link]

:: Wrapping up on the Halloween costume tip, here are some sexy villian/super hero costumes, or at least that’s what it says. It really just more like girls dancing around in lingerie. [link]

:: Friend of a friend has a friend who made a pretty funny "I’m F’ing Sarah Palin" video. [link]

:: And while we’re thinking of elections, Vote for Lando Calrissian. [link]

:: This didn’t go so well. [link]

:: And finally, the November NineTM is this week(end). has chats and vids running of all the N9TM Mon-Fri. [link]


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