(Not Quite) Penelope Cruz at the 2007 World Series of Poker

The other day during the Ladies Event at the 2007 World Series of Poker—which not to go off on a tangent but we fully support the concept of a Ladies Event, unlike Annie Duke who considers it discriminatory and degrading, which we don’t, we just think it’s the best way to ensure a woman can win a bracelet each year–we noticed that the name of one of the players was none other than Penelope Cruz and we wondered for half a second if it was the same Penelope Cruz who once creepily dated Tom Cruise for a number of years and who we once ran into on Melrose Ave. after almost stepping on her N.A.R.D.

Apparently based on searches and emails to Wicked Chops Poker, a number of people have been wondering the same thing.

To answer, we offer a few photos of the Penelope Cruz who played the WSOP and some of Penelope Cruz the actress. We’re not experts here, shit we walked up to JC Tran the other day and said “Vinny Vinh!!!”, but we’re guessing the Penelopes below are not one in the same.



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