Not the Friday Night Parting Shot: Jamie Gold

If I (Snake) wasn’t busy last friday sleeping all day after being up 24 hours covering the final table at the WSOP only to finally wake up around 5pm-ish to eat dinner and play the Caesar’s 7 o’clock tourney only to get knocked out when it was down to 3 tables because my pocket aces were no match to pocket fours that found a third on the river only then to head over to the Bellagio to play a NL cash game only to have my pocket aces cracked again with over $1k in the pot preflop because some pimple-faced pansy with A-Q hit a flush on the river, then these photos (below and after the jump) of Jamie Gold in the Bodog lounge with the only two Bodog Girls awake at 7 am on Friday morning when I took this photo would have been our Friday Night Parting Shot last Friday.

Just saying.




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  1. Kid Dynamite

    August 19, 2006 4:12 pm, Reply

    nice sentence Snake. just saying.
    this reminds me of the Cardplayer i was just reading on the shitter – the one with the TOC writeup in it – there is a picure of some Bodog girls in the photo gallery – and the redhead on the left is one i recognize from a prior event in Vegas – she was pimping McCallans that time i think… some Aussie…

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