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The Mexican we had last night wasn’t as hot as Luz Elena Gonzalez. But it was tasty.

:: Grace Park looks damn good in her new FHM spread. [link]

:: Although she looked way hotter in her Complex magazine spread. [link]

:: But these photos of Grace Park are still our favorite. [link]

:: ONN Alert: Study finds young workers apathetic about office politics. [link]

:: Katie Downes is the hottest big-breasted Brit glam model we’ve seen today, and that’s saying a lot. [link]

:: Luz Elena Gonzalez is spicy hot in this spread for H magazine. [link]

:: Creepy New Fetish Alert: Hot girl licking everything in a hotel room including the toilet. [link]

:: Michelle Marsh dropping the top in Loaded magazine. [link]

:: Ashley Gellar excels at both wearing and not wearing a bikini. [link] NSFW

:: The girls of the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team are worth a few clicks. [link]

:: Watching Hot Italian girls doing Human Tetris on Italian TV never gets old. [link]


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