Nothing to Do With Poker Links

Kind of the dog days of summer right now, with only a blah LAPT final table to write about (get results here). So with a general lack of poker news (warning, everytime we say this some big and usually bad happens soon thereafter), here’s some weekend time killer links.

:: An awesome prank call using the voice of Wanderlei Silva. [link]

:: Pineapple Express was great and hottie Amber Heard is greater. [link]

:: About time someone made a documentary on the March of Shame. [link]

:: Don’t need to say much more than: Brazilian bikini contest catfight. [link]

:: All right a small bit of poker news, thanks to SomethingAboutPoker (via the WCP Forum) for about the only video interviews you can find on The November 9TM. [link]

:: The digitally altered voice of Batman sings the classics. [link]

:: Dominos Pizza testing the limits of what you will eat. [link]

:: Sometimes finding your car keys isn’t a good thing. [link]

And finally below in our continuing "thanks to Kid Dynamite for this one series, " it’s the best Guinness ad ever made (although it was not actually made by Guinness).


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