Now The WPT Borgata Poker Open Is More Like It

While we love Spain and just almost everything about it, the EPT Barcelona Open was a major snoozefest. No scandal. No hot chicks advancing. No U.S. Americans.

Fortunately the WPT brought big tournament poker back to the U.S. Americas yesterday, giving us a mini-weed-dramabomb.

Apparently some guys were 86’d from the Borgata for smoking up in a room. According to a post on 2+2:

Man WTF **** the Borgata.

Myself and another are in a room with two others, apparently somebody complained, they let two of us go who aren’t on the room and the other two are getting booted, can’t play this weekend.

One of those people is rumored to be Amit Makhija, who it looks like is blazing up more than just the tournament circuit lately. Catch up on the thread here (also a good Hooker/No Hooker game post in there).

Jose Torres ended Day 1 as chip leader, stacked at 263,775. He was followed by some FOWCP, including Steve Dannenmann (249,150), Joe Sebok (163,500), and Tiffany Michelle (140,000).

Day 2 is underway and Sirous Jamshidi has moved up to chip leader with 340,000 since we’ve started writing this Stephen Vanauken is now chip leader with 456,000. Dannenmann is hovering around 248,000 and Michelle has moved up to 222,000. Other big named big stacks include Brandon Cantu (162,000), Jonathan Little (150,000), Ted Forrest (142,000), and the aforementioned Sebok (138,000). Although that’s probably changed during the time it took to post this.

Just 216 remain from the respectable 516 entrants. Follow the action throughout the day here and here. Vid below of Tiffany Michelle discussing Day 1.


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