Odds To Win 2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Odds of Jesse Sylvia winning WSOP ME final table: 3/1. Odds of us posting new Candace Swanepoel pics: 1/10000.

As betting on poker becomes more and more prevalent, we expect Vegas and off-shores to take a lot more action on this year’s WSOP Main Event final table…

…if the public had actually heard of anyone playing in it.

Regardless, here are the odds to win the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table. No real shockers. The past few years, “name pros” like Phil Ivey, Michael Mizrachi, and Ben Lamb received more “favorite” skewed odds. This year, most of Jesse Sylvia‘s action is going to come from his cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Jesse Sylvia (43,875,000) – 3/1
Andras Koroknai (29,375,000) – 9/2
Greg Merson (28,725,000) – 5/1
Russell Thomas (24,800,000) – 6/1
Michael Esposito (16,260,000) – 9/1
Steven Gee (16,860,000) – 9/1
Jake Balsiger (13,115,000) – 10/1
Robert Salaburu (15,155,000) – 10/1
Jeremy Ausmus (9,805,000) – 11/1

For what it’s worth, and it ain’t worth much, we like Koroknai (9/2) and Merson (5/1).

* Odds provided by Bovada.LV


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  1. kosh

    July 24, 2012 3:51 pm, Reply

    Is that a photo or is it a drawing?

    They airbrush photos so much nowadays that sometimes it is hard to tell…

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