Off to Vegas…

Chops here.

Suffice to say this 4th of July was an eventful one, and things won’t be slowing down as me, the Addict, and the Snake are taking off to Vegas tonight for the WSOP

So before we go, a few things to watch out for over the next week:
Diamond_3 We‚Äôll be playing in the media/celebrity tournament on Wednesday.  We encourage side wagering on who you think will last the longest.  We know for sure that Killer Reid, iPod, D!ckhead, and Bull want in on that action.  Just let us know what you set the odds at and when you move the lines. 
Diamond_3 We‚Äôre also attending the Bodog Poker Conference on Wednesday and Thursday.  If attendance lives up to what we think, the event will speak volumes as to the sticking power of poker and demonstrate how the game is waaaaay past trend status.
Diamond_3 As you know, we‚Äôre covering the Main Event live.  Before it kicks off, we‚Äôd like to congratulate to two friends from the 4th Street Poker Tour who qualified: Sandman and Dino.  They placed 1st and 2nd in the game we played with the group, so obviously they are very, very good.  Best of luck, guys.
Diamond_3 We’re attending the Bluff Magazine party in honor of (recent 10th bracelet winner) Doyle Brunson.  What a way to cap off the week.

Keep checking the site throughout the next two weeks for WSOP updates and behind the scenes stories.  And lastly, the software and hosting service we use for the site is under-going maintenance, so hopefully some of the technical issues you may be experiencing will be resolved shortly.  Later.


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  1. snake

    July 5, 2005 2:20 pm, Reply

    chops, it’s great you’re sharing with everyone our Vegas plans but you just bumped down the photo of Shannon Elizabeth. Not kind. Not at all.

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