Oh Yeah, Humberto Brenes Is Still Alive

HumbertobrenesListen, we are sometimes a little hard on Humberto Brenes. It’s possible we often place the words "insufferably annoying" before his name. Not sure why, because we secretly like his "Humbbbbeeeeerrrrrtoooo!" all-in’s and possibly do that on occasion during the WCP Weekly home game.

But like we begrudgingly gave Robert Fucking Varkonyi his due (sort of) yesterday, we’d be remiss not to mention that Brenes has made yet another deep run in the WSOP Main Event.

He’s got almost $5M in career tournament earnings. He finished 36th in last year’s WSOP ME. He finished 41st in 2003. He finished 25th in 2000. 26th in 1990. 4th in 1988. He has two WSOP bracelets.

Brenes is currently stacked over 1.3M. He’s making another run. So what the hell, let’s give it up for…HUMBERRRRRTOOOO!

FIVE MINUTES LATER UPDATE: Humberto Brenes busted right about as we hit "publish" on this post. Thanks for nothing, Humberto.


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