Ok, Zack Clark Left $300k in A Vegas Cab Already… (UPDATED 1/2/14)

What poker pro left 300k in a Las Vegas cab? Everyone is asking.

What poker pro left 300k in a Las Vegas cab? Everyone is asking.

Very rarely, and we mean RARELY, do we hear from friends who don’t follow poker about pokery things. In fact, it’s really only happened twice: 1) on Black FridayTM (making sure we weren’t going to jail, mostly) and 2) wanting to know if WE knew which Las Vegas poker player left $300k in a cab.

This story has gained national traction, apparently.

So after being asked repeatedly by old fraternity brothers, co-workers, high school friends, and ex secret counter-terrorist associates who joined with us and the Northern Alliance in our hunt for the Taliban, and after us asking a number of our friends within the industry (all of whom didn’t know), it’s time to ask…who did this?

The only name that’s got some stickiness so far is Justin Bonomo. He’s fairly well-known, is 28 (as reported by the story), and is capable of having $300k on him.

But that’s it. May be him. But probably not him.

UPDATE 1: Ok, hearing it’s definitely not Bonomo. Scratch him off the list.

UPDATE 2: So it was confirmed over on 2+2 that Zachary Clark, nephew of the late-great legend Chip Reese, left the money in the cab. There you have it: Zach Clark. Nothing more to see here. We’ll just say that Zach’s close friends are good guys–none would tell us it was him. 

* Photo swiped from F5 Poker.


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