OK We’re Pretty Sure This Isn’t Really Ray Lewis

NFL all-time great Ray Lewis is still alive on Day 2B at the 2011 WSOP Main Event. Or IS he?

Even though he wasn’t wearing a jersey, we knew we were taking pics of Paul Pierce playing yesterday. There was no confusion on our part. We just knew it.

However–we’re not so sure if this is actually THE Ray Lewis. We lived in Atlanta when Ray Ray and his crew were arrested for allegedly stabbing/murdering someone during the Super Bowl in 2000. So we’ve seen his face enough to have doubts as to whether or not the guy above is Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis.

Regardless, whether or not this is the real Ray Lewis, he’s still alive on Day 2B.

Also alive is chip leader Kevin Saul, stacked around 325,000 going into dinner break. Ben Lamb is still crushing, around 290,000.

Lots of big names are doing well today. Get full-ish chip counts here.


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