Ole Kristian Nergard Leads EPT Grand Final

Ole Ole Ole Ole.

With 104 people remaining, 19 year-old Ole Kristian Nergard surged to the chip lead at the 2011 EPT Grand Final Main Event. Ole is stacked at 726,000. He’s followed by Kristoffer Thorsson witthh 701,500.

Plenty of notables remain. Some of those aforementioned notables include Melanie Weisner, a woman (543,500), Victor Ramdin (549,500), Ivan Demidov (198,500), Xuan Liu, a woman (168,500), Ted Forrest (130,000), and Fatima Moreira de Melo (26,000).

In related news, 104 get paid, so everyone remaining is in the money.

In completely unrelated news, Lonely Island + Michael Bolton = comic gold here.

Back to related news, get full chip counts here.


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