Olivier Busquet Leads WPT Borgata Poker Open Final Table

Elly Tran Ha

Olivier "LivB112" Busquet's chipstack is to the rest of the final table at the WPT Borgata what Elly Tran Ha's huge rack is to the average Vietnamese girl.

We’ve been casually following the WPT Borgata Poker Open in Atlantic Shitty the past few days and by “casually following” we mean waiting until they got down to the final six before caring enough to write a post about it. And even now, we’re only half-heartedly looking at the WPT site and whole-heartedly looking at pics of Elly Tran Ha, a tiny Vietnamese girl/blogger with a miraculous rack that rivals Keeley Hazell in sheer magnificent mammarian magnitude.

Anyway, as the headline suggests, online heads-up specialist Olivier “LivB112″ Busquet of New York City is the chipleader going into the final table of the $3,500 buy-in event with 10,350,000. Closest to him but not close at all is Yanic Brodeur from wherever people have effed up names like that. He’s got 5,780,000 in chips, which is a shy more than Ivan Mamuzic‘s stack of 5,655,000 and Jeremy Brown‘s 5,480,000. Rounding out the final table is Keith Crowder (2,750,000) and Kenny Nguyen (600,000).

Get live updates today here.

More of Elly Tran Ha here.


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  1. Vegas_Frak

    September 24, 2009 7:27 pm, Reply

    Where do you find these women??? Chops how do you get this by your wife on a regular basis?? What ever and how ever you pull this off, brother man keep on truckin!!

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