Ollie Hudson’s Revenge, Sort Of

alternate header 1:
“Kate Hudson’s Brother Outlasts Joe Hatchem’s Brother to Win Swanky Bodog Charity Tourney”

alternate header 2:
“Shannon Elizabeth is Still Smoking Hot”

alternate header 3:
“Bodog’s Ayre is Proof the Devil is Still Buying”

alternate header 4:
“What Not to Wear: Scarves Edition”

Ollie_wins1Ollie Hudson (you know, from Dawson’s Creek and The Mountain…Drawing a blank? Ok, Kate’s bro) finally got some redemption, proving that he isn’t just a B-level actor donkey this past weekend when he won the “It‚Äôs All Going to the Dogs” celebrity poker night that benefited Shannon Elizabeth‘s ‘pet’ charity — Animal Avengers.

The timing for this bit of “news” is perfect considering that tonight ESPN will likely show Ollie getting knocked out on the first hand of the main event in a hand fictionally surpassed only by Mike McDermott’s misread of Teddy KGB’s nuts (for those from India who come across our site because you searched for naked photos of Estella Warren: (1) that’s not to be read literally and (2) how the hell do you know who Estella Warren is?).

Impressively, Ollie beat 2005 WSOP main event champ Joe Hatchem, who came in 3rd. Oh wait, re-read. Make that Joe Hatchem’s brother Tony, who won a $600 silk pillow for his efforts.

Ok, so this isn’t too impressive for Ollie (though he looks pleased), and I’m sure he’d give up this win and the scarf for another shot at the WSOP main event (well, at least one more hand).

The event took place in a gigantic mansion overlooking Beverly Hills in Beverly Park, a neighborhood so exclusive it, like Osama’s lair, doesn’t come up on Mapquest or GPS. But I’m sure Google Earth has it covered. Guests and players in the 46-person tournament included Phil Gordon and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson along with actors, hotties, super rich people and that Brandon Lang guy, who I’m guessing the Devil sought a refund from based on the box office performance of Two for the Money. All told the event raised around $50,000 for the furry friends of Animal Avengers.

Photos of the event after the jump. Also, more at Bodog and even Matt Savage shares some highlights of the evening.



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  1. demetri

    October 12, 2005 11:21 am, Reply

    i would have gone with the shannon elizabeth header.
    you can never go wrong with a shannon elizabeth header.

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