On Cards, Clinton and Communism

Modelrdf1Justin Hartfield, the deputy editor over at the Prometheus Institute, a libertarian think tank, also happens to be a regular card tosser at LA card rooms, where you can usually find him playing Hi/Lo Crazy Pineapple. Recently, as far as we can tell, he wrote an online essay entitled “Poker, the Progressive Tax, and You” that’s worth the read for any poli-poker-free-market-social-liberalism types who think Hillary Clinton is a devil woman in pantsuits.

The piece has Hartfield arguing against a progressive tax, an idea supported by Communist (hate them) and Hillary Clinton (hate her more), and he uses a typical night at the Hustler Casino to support his position.

After stating that “[p]oker is a game of American Capitalism at its purest form” where “[t]here is no health care for the professional poker player, nor welfare,” Hartfield ponders what would happen if the casino implemented “a progressive tax plan . . . so that the top 20% of the money winners have to give 40% of their earnings back to crappiest players.”

Read what he has to say in the article HERE.

We’d opine on the subject but we’re busy looking at the Joanna Krupa pics right now. Give us kudos though for finding a pic of a cute girl with a shirt that has Hillary and Communism on it.


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