One Card Stud: David Williams Looking for Money Shot at 7CS Event

David Williams, WHOM NOTHING INTERESTING HAS HAPPENED TO RECENTLY, is currently running second overall in the 2006 WSOP seven-card stud event.

Davidwilliams_1_1_1This is awesome on many levels:

:: Any event where you can pair David Williams with phrases like, “out to stud” or catching some sort of “back-door out” is awesome.
:: David Williams is on Chops’ WSOP fantasy team, and Chops needs David Williams to close this one out on top so he’s not smoked by Negreanu and Feldman’s teams, which would not be awesome.
:: The wonderful irony that Williams, who let’s just say has fulfilled some unique fantasies during his “off-hours”, is now a key member of Chops’ fantasy team is awesome.

And despite some good-natured ribbing, we like David Williams. Do we expect David Williams to at least try and punch us in the face when he sees us in Vegas in two weeks? Sure. But this isn’t exactly something we’re not used to diffusing. We are awesome at the subtle art of talking people out of kicking our asses.

So if you’re into stud tournaments, check out Card Player for updates and cross your fingers that David Williams comes out on top.


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