One Last Look At The 2010 WSOP Girls On The Rail

Ass girl 2010 WSOP Main Event

Looking back, it was a fine year for Girls on the Rail.

In case you haven’t found our full gallery of Girls on the Rail from the 2010 WSOP, here’s the link. Enjoy. You can also check out all the posts with them here.

While a lot was said about this year’s crop of GOTRs not living up to past years, a few standouts like the spectacularly backsided Ass Girl 2 (Jillian) and the Norwegian hottie Rachel Nordtomme more than made up for the lack of quantity with serious quality.

Also noteworthy, in no particular order, were David William’s girlfriend, Brad Garrett’s girlfriend, Chick with a Pitbull, Super Cute Tat Girl, “Natasha” the Russian and Tatjana Pasalic the Croatian.

And of course this was pretty hot.

We’ll start the official voting for our Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame next week. For now, browse through the full gallery and let us know who’s your favorite. And if you happen to be one of the GOTRs featured this year, contact us. If you make the Hall of Fame we’ll have some prizes for you.


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